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NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Phyllis Anderson (Shelbyville, US)
Excellent read, advice and materials

I ordered 3 of these, one for me and 2 for my children

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Karyn Smith (Edmonton, CA)
Thumbs up

Although I haven’t had a chance to fully dive into this book what I have read so far is solid & I highly recommend. Great resource.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Deanna Urrey (Ravena, US)
Must have

This book is more encouraging and informational much than I expected or could have imagined. John was truly gifted and led by God in order to achieve what is presented in Nehemiah Strong.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Rita Truax (Lansing, US)
Overcoming Evil

Nehemiah Strong is a manual filled with instruction on how to stand in the strength of God's might and how to overcome Satan's attack on humanity. The book is filled with practical advice on how to survive the Great Reset. I agree with the author that there is "victory in death" and that "Regardless, at some point the LORD may also choose for you to be delivered up for persecution, or even death." I have purposed that whether by life or by death that Christ be exalted in my body. To Him be the glory. Amen

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book

I did not know what to expect- contents after quick browsing, it is impressive- as a senior there is much I am will not be to do or use but you never now- it will be slooow reading - I really like the end chapter with the references

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Karen Musgrave (Lakeland, US)
Nehemiah Strong

Hello John,
Just started the book at the beginning and we are hooked, awesome book. We are reading each day together and discussing in depth. Thank you for writing this book to help us all navigate and manage through these present and future trying times. God Bless You!
Tim & Karen Musgrave


This us a great book. Solid biblical references and teaching. Had trouble with download, so have been unable to use the electronic pdf’s sent a comm not earlier, but no response. Love the book

Powerful and Anointed with YAHWEH's WILL and TIMING!!!!!

Initial overview has been confirming and inspiring. Looking forward to digging deeper into the content and zip file support... Blessings and Shalom!!!

Brother Mark

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Frank Mallon (Cody, US)
Connecting Both Faith and Survival

As someone who has been working hard on my return to a more God connection as well as working with a survivalist base mentality since 2012 I find having a referrance book that allows me to connect both faith and survival a great benefit.

Power when you need it the most

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Ray Candelaria (Braselton, US)
Great read so far

This book is very informative and detailed. Love it so far

Looking Great!!!

Wow, this is looking like a fantastic book telling it like it is and I'm loving it. I really appreciate all the attachments and there's nothing better than having scripture right there when you need it. Thanks for all the extra effort you put into this book.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Mary Ordway (Hendersonville, US)
So Helpful!!!

You have done what no one else has. You have covered and explained in understandable language what every Christian needs to know to stay strong, smart and prepared in this evil world. I bought a copy for a friend to and we are both inspired to stand strong. Thank You!!!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Sharon Moon (Helena, US)
Excellent book

I thought this book timely and well put together.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Tony Braggion (Melbourne, AU)
Recommendation: Yes
A great Book

Hi John
> I got your book today, Ive had a quick look at it, and read the
> section on spiritual warfare its certainly going to help to Armour up
> and unleash havoc in the spirit realm, I can certainly relate to their
> attacks and methods as they happen to me on a regular basis, so my
> thoughts on the book quickly, its a nice size and the large printing
> helps to read it easier. my eyes aren't as good as they used to be im
> afraid .
> I like the cover and layout of the book, and I can see there has been
> a lot of effort to make this book happen, its a good product which
> will be used often in my case, well done and big thumbs up mate.
> Thanks John and many blessings
> Tony B

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Joy Davis (Orlando, US)
Recommendation: Yes
The Lord is our strength

Fight and rebuild. The Lord’s will be done.
The warrior mindset explanation at the front of the book is encouraging and makes alot of sense.

Amazing and absolutely needed!!

Everyone needs this information


not read yet--too busy trying to find out how to get electronic erssentials


When you placed your order for Nehemiah Strong with the Electronic Essentials a page should have come up with the links to them.

Additionally an email was sent to you with the links and you may also go to your Account Page in our website and click on Downloads and you will find them there.

When you click on them, save them to your computer. They are zip files and cannot be saved to a phone or pad.

Locate the files on your computer once saved and double click the zip files to open.

Please let us know if you require additional assistance.

Thank you,

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Dianna L Thompson (Toston, US)
Excited to have it!

My Mom ordered one too.

Supernaturally Appropriate

What a great book! The excellent aspect is the range of necessary topic coverage, to address all of the existing issues relevant today. I'm retired military, Infantry trained, some 50 years ago, your book has brought back to memory many issues. Military training is, however, but one issue of the myriad of topics covered. Excellent, excellent book for what we are faced with today.

Hard to Put Down

A difficult book to put down. Extremely well written, well organized material, for today’s rapidly changing challenges, presented in a frank and easy-to-understand format that includes summary pages as an intro to the detailed chapters. A resource book to recommend to friends and family members looking for common sense strategies in dealing with the great evil during this most unique period in history. We must gird ourselves with every tool our Lord has given us, and become modern day Queen Esthers and spiritual warriors able to stand by HIS authority against the evil blatantly coming against us and our children. God bless John for being faithful and following through with such a detailed project. Your library is incomplete without this one!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Richard Olszewski (Detroit, US)
Highly recommended!

This book is big! Both in size and information. A great read with useful information. Tactical and spiritual. Can actually jump in at any page and gain some insight and knowledge. Love the layout. Can't say enough good about it. Glad I discovered it.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Sharon Pierce (Atlanta, US)

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Thomas Sackett (Secaucus, US)

as a prepper outcast from my christian family,excellent.


Very powerful, inspirational, thought provoking and scripture based book. Well done!