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I have not yet had a chance to begin reading.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Geneva Shipp (Campbellsville, US)
Nehemiah Strong

In process of reading. A lot of information to take in. So glad I purchased for me to gain knowledge.

A Great Tool for Today!!

I received the book recently. I got acquainted with the book, then began to read it. I decided to order the book for another to read with. This is a must have book for this day and is written for the time we are in. It's a wonderful guide and reference book. Thank you John for all the work you've put into this book.


NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Michele Pelham (Davie, US)
Prepping For What is To Come

I’m only at Section 6. I have chosen to read from the beginning. I like the size of the book and the print is easy to read. I listen to so many podcasts and read my Bible, so not much new info so far. However, I find it a good review of scripture tied to the times we live in. I look forward to the remaining chapters as I believe there will be some new info for me.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
James Gebolys (Grand Rapids, US)
Nehimiah strong

Very heartfelt information that inspired me to live life with fullness and purpose
Thank you


I haven't read it yet but of what I scanned through it and it is what God has wanted me to study along with many other books that I am to study. I am to learn how to be an intercessor with 3rd Heaven Authority and learning how to do spiritual warfare.

Still reading through tremendous amount of useful information!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book + electronic essentials
Lynn Lafferty (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Amazing Book Everyone Needs

When I was young and read the bible, I thought many things within it were metaphors. However, I know every word is true and this is unfolding right before our very eyes. The evil that is being perputrated on people, especially our youth is abominable.
John has followed the word of God to bring our children and others that have been taken by evil and place them into the light. In these times we all need to learn to be spiritual warriors and he teaches us how.
I highly recommend this book!

Can I call a book a multi-tool??

The literary equivalent of a multi-tool, John Dyslin’s book is a monumental work. And I love the accessible and conversational writing style. Historic!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
LJLanham@protonmail.com (Fayetteville, US)
Recommendation: Yes
Essential Strategic Guidelines and References

I have copy of your book and was reviewing it again yesterday.
Very excellent comprehensive lists of strategies and gear and links to all things needed. My career in architectural design requires careful planning and code research that is very time consuming. Nehemiah Strong saves time and inspires thought on crucial subjects for everyone to consider.
The scriptures you have included reveal the heart of a good father to his own children.

When I evaluate a book like Nehemiah Strong and imagine how much time and effort was involved and how long it would take my own self to produce anything similar, then I know it is well worth the purchase price!

Let me thank you and Glory to our Lord for your commitment to assemble this exhaustive manual for the remnant.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Andrew Martin (Beaver Dam, US)
Recommendation: Yes
Excellent Work

My wife and I have been looking for a book like this for the past couple years. Have not fully read it yet but it's a perfect outline for prepping for the tumultuous days to come. Thank You to John Dyslin for all your time and effort in putting together a book for physical AND spiritual preparation.

Book is stunning

Very valuable.

God Bless

Incredibly relevant and absolutely needed reading

Words won't do justice as I try to convey my joy and sincere appreciation reading Neemiah Strong. I thank God for John's life, and for all the nuggets of wisdom, inspiration and truth contained in every page. I can't stress this enough: this is an absolutely needed reading for Christians all over the world.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Kelly Jensen (Seattle, US)
Nehemiah strong

Wow. This was amazingly comprehensive. It has been difficult to organize and remember all of the inc information we have learned in the past few years.John has accomplished that for us. Thank you

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Michael Vandermeulen (Kingman, US)

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Thomas Volck (Vandalia, US)

The most comprehensive Spiritual and Physical Preparedness Textbook for these times only second to the Bible.

It is very good! It helps us to be prepared for the battle. My sister gave me one and I gave my nephew one. It's the only book I know of that does this. Thank you John Dyslin, sincerely.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Christina Talley-Orr (Versailles, US)

WOW!!! Every word is so true and scary! I wish more people were paying attention.

Excellent Resource

This book and electronic extras are an amazing resource and so full of information. I highly recommend this to everyone!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Sonya Shupe (West Valley City, US)

I’m aware of an interview you did with Denver Snuffer and wondering if there’s a post where I could listen to it? Your book is wonderful.

Good and useful information

For Christians, this book will be especially useful so as to NOT make you a sheep, but more of a lion. I felt the encouragement and valuable strengthening in areas where I myself have some weaknesses.

Overall, for me personally I found Chapters 5, 7 & 8 the most useful. Due to circumstances, I don't have what the author calls a "M.A.T." team, nor will I anytime soon. Because of that, the remainder of the book wasn't helpful to me, personally, but very well could be to you, so don't skip it.

There are some minor typos and a few mis-quoted references, but as a whole this book could be very valuable to you also. I do recommend it. I will be re-reading especially Chapters 7 & 8 for my own edification and clarification as time goes on.

I also bought the version with the files and will definitely be utilizing those.


And I'm in Chapter 1!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Patricia Bailey (Spokane, US)
Nehemiah Strong

Very well done! So much important information. I has referred this book to a lot of people. You really have provided a much needed service to "The People " Thank you!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Leanne Tornatore (Spring Hill, US)
Not what I thought it was !

First…I love all the encouraging scriptures, but the rest is hard for me to understand a lot of times. I feel like its written in another language! Not even sure what age its directed at but, i don’t understand the lingo/slang, what ever you call it. I feel like i needed to be a 30 year old male not an older female. I assure you i am quite aware of whats going on in this world with the knowledge that we must be in end times for sure and I am prepping as much as possible. It has taken me a while to read this book, but will read it to the end, and gleen every bit of info out of it that I possibly can.

Thank you Leanne for your feedback, and your support of me.
I'm so sorry my vernacular has been frustrating to you. When I started writing it, I tried to write in a different style than I think or speak, but it proved too hard.
When my kids were young, they would tell me, 'Daddy, you talk funny.' Your review confirms it!
Again, my apologies for making your read difficult. I did the best I could.
John Dyslin

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book