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Good and useful information

For Christians, this book will be especially useful so as to NOT make you a sheep, but more of a lion. I felt the encouragement and valuable strengthening in areas where I myself have some weaknesses.

Overall, for me personally I found Chapters 5, 7 & 8 the most useful. Due to circumstances, I don't have what the author calls a "M.A.T." team, nor will I anytime soon. Because of that, the remainder of the book wasn't helpful to me, personally, but very well could be to you, so don't skip it.

There are some minor typos and a few mis-quoted references, but as a whole this book could be very valuable to you also. I do recommend it. I will be re-reading especially Chapters 7 & 8 for my own edification and clarification as time goes on.

I also bought the version with the files and will definitely be utilizing those.


And I'm in Chapter 1!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
David Waelde (Detroit, US)
No Book!

I cannot review a book that I haven't recieved!

Hi David,

On our end the book is showing as having been delivered. Did you not receive the book? If not, please reach out to us at jnd22@johndyslin.com for assistance.

The Nehemiah Strong Team

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Patricia Bailey (Spokane, US)
Nehemiah Strong

Very well done! So much important information. I has referred this book to a lot of people. You really have provided a much needed service to "The People " Thank you!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Leanne Tornatore (Spring Hill, US)
Not what I thought it was !

First…I love all the encouraging scriptures, but the rest is hard for me to understand a lot of times. I feel like its written in another language! Not even sure what age its directed at but, i don’t understand the lingo/slang, what ever you call it. I feel like i needed to be a 30 year old male not an older female. I assure you i am quite aware of whats going on in this world with the knowledge that we must be in end times for sure and I am prepping as much as possible. It has taken me a while to read this book, but will read it to the end, and gleen every bit of info out of it that I possibly can.

Thank you Leanne for your feedback, and your support of me.
I'm so sorry my vernacular has been frustrating to you. When I started writing it, I tried to write in a different style than I think or speak, but it proved too hard.
When my kids were young, they would tell me, 'Daddy, you talk funny.' Your review confirms it!
Again, my apologies for making your read difficult. I did the best I could.
John Dyslin

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Lisa C. (Houston, US)
Decent Information

It has some decent information that could be handy, however, I got the impression the author didn't account for a rapture. I doubt I will need the book at that point, but my unsaved loved ones might.


Great book

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Warren Wadel (Saint Joseph, US)
Nehemiah Strong

This is a book that every Christian man should consider buying. As we face new challenges to our constitutional rights we need to rise up before it is too late. This book stresses a closer relationship to God which is always good as He is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. I think the material in this book would serve well in a men's bible study.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Carol Gericke (Paducah, US)

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
john moore (Tracy, US)
Everyone needs to read this

I am only through chapter 4 at this point but oh my goodness what this book has done to encourage and give wisdom in also true biblical insight to what is going on is absolutely amazing I cannot wait to get into the meet of the book

Very informative book

I haven't had a chance to read all of Nehemiah Strong,(it's a hugh book)! But what I have read is so informative and in depth for problems now and possibly in the future. Glad I bought it.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Tracy Schaller (Columbus, US)

I loved it - except the spiritual warfare chapter. I would highly recommend the book Truth and Territory by Jim Osman. He explains - using scripture in context - why we don’t “bind” and “loose”, etc.

Thank you for your feedback Tracy!
One point – Jesus Himself advises the apostles that 'whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (Mtw. 18:18).' He expects His elect to be binders and loosers! I also know first-hand testimony to its effectiveness. Just an observation. Godspeed, John

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Scott Harrington (East China Township, US)
Nehemiah Strong

Great read! I'm using it in my local group for teaching and leading men to a strong faith . With that we can be strong in the perils ahead for Christians and our great Republic. I will be purchasing 4 more books all men should read this it's a valuable tool against Tyranny Amen

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Eloise Jeffrey (Newbury, US)
Review of Book

So far I like the content of your book and it's so true to what is happening in our time. I was banned from buying it on Amazon. Cancelled with no explanation. Interesting!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Mary J Browne (Fredonia, US)

Very very interesting and informative. Great reference as I can’t remember all info! Wish there was some info on what to do in case of nuclear attack. Also appreciate the scripture references. Thanks so much

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Mark Horton (Hayesville, US)
Relavent and Empowering

As a former Pastor raised in the teachings of the Rapture, I often think "How many believers just sit back and says it won't happen to me, I'll be gone." Believing in the rapture or not doesn't determine your eternal destiny.A relationship with Jesus Christ take care of your eternity!
This book equips you to prepare Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and physically for the problems in society today. If God chooses to remove us before all **** breaks loose; Praise the Lord!, but if by chance we have to face tribulations and trials you need to be prepared!

This Book is a Guide to Standing Strong in Time like these.

A definite read for those who want to be prepared!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Jerry Johnson (Lubbock, US)
Great book. A lot of information.

Great book combining spiritual insights along with instructions for planning and addressing situations that could happen in the near future.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Randal L Hnizdor (San Jose, US)
Great Read

Whether amateur or professional survivalist or prepper being close to the Almighty is important in fulfilling God’s missions. Reading this book helps focus my mind to my core and guiding principles of Bible & US CONSTITUTION.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Andrea Kinder (Nashville, US)
Large size. Nice feel to cover.

I haven’t read this book yet, but it looks very handsome and it is a nice size

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Daniel Kollars (Marion, US)
Impressive Book

Just started reading.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
michelle yocum (Saint Clairsville, US)
Excellent descriptive name

This book ties our faith and our actions together in this critical time!

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Lori Andrews (Seminole, US)
Pertinent and timely for current world situation

An informative book that you are able to read, put down and pick up, pick up again that is brimming with helpful information and insight for the unusual era we live

Very powerful book with very timely advice and insight.

NEHEMIAH STRONG physical book
Patricia Urig-Reynolds (Cincinnati, US)
I just received a few days ago.. will take time to teD

Only just received. Need time to read