We’re under siege.

Everyday folks like us simply wish to live our lives – yet others relentlessly peddle fabricated narratives and impose agendas that threaten our world’s very foundation.

There’s no end in sight, and ‘normal’ is a fading memory.

As the pandemic of deceit intensified and our God-given rights continued to erode in recent years, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the limited number of bold, proactive countermeasures in the marketplace of ideas.

I’d had about enough, and I began to write.


Nehemiah Strong: Life-Sustaining Essentials for a Season of Trial is a product of nearly two years’ effort to produce a unique, comprehensive guide that encourages, equips, and informs fellow believers, as well as nonbelievers, for a broad spectrum of challenges in these tumultuous times.

It is my earnest prayer that it strengthens and encourages you as you strive to stand, occupy, and overcome.